Bink Studios


Who Is Bink?

Kelsi (aka Bink) is a creative freelancer who thinks a lot…

She is creating custom drawings & minimal graphics for other mindful brands; while sharing thoughts & resources on finding balance (in life & business).

Basically, she’s doing her very best to live and work in alignment with her values.

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Creative Services are available in-person (Aus)
& online (select countries)

Bink's Values:

Being kind to & keeping the natural world in mind while connecting with and staying true to oneself & one’s values.

Businesses and individuals who are striving to be as cruelty-free, people-friendly & planet-conscious as possible. Finding ways to reduce environmental footprint, searching for eco-friendly, economical alternatives, and opting for long-term solutions over short-term gain.

Getting into the zone and creating from a state of flow so that projects fundamentally feel good.

Living in a slow yet productive, carefree yet earth-friendly way. Life / work are harmonious! Physical & mental health are a priority and, in turn, there is more energy for creative projects etc.

Finding CALM on a daily basis to maintain a positive outlook on life and feel good, more often. Attitude is everything and positive energy goes a long way!

What does it mean To be 'mindful'?

‘Mindful’ encompasses Bink’s values as a person and a small business owner. It’s who Bink aims to be. In a nutshell, being ‘Mindful’ is being calm. It’s slowing down, being present & patient. It’s kindness and empathy for oneself, and a consideration and sense of gratitude for other beings and nature.

Bink Gives Back!

Every year Bink supports select organisations who put the planet, people & our furry friends, first.

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